Students’ Feedback

Wonchibeni Humtsoe –Travel and tourism student

Thank you LTES for turning my passion into profession before coming here, I was a travel freek but now I am a Travel and Tourism Professional.

Samuel Pebam – Travel and tourism student

So lucky, that I got to be in the first batch of LTES, got friends, got exposure , got platform and everything over here and a way to start my career, JUST LOVE u all and thank you all.

H.Pika – Travel And Tourism Student

Thank you LTES for giving me such a good opportunity, I learned so many new things and it was worth staying here, may GOD continue blessings all those associated with LTES, Thank you all.

Aremchang – travel and tourism student

Thank you LTES for giving me an opportunity to develop skills and cultivate new ideas. Thanks to all the faculty and staff of LTES.

Abenthing Kikon – Business and commerce student

I would like to thank the faculty members for putting their efforts on me, I am thankful to the institute. Wish LTES continue work for empowerment of youth.

Longsang Moses – Banking and accounting student

I am thankful to the faculty for helping me learn new things in Accounting and Tally. Thanks to the for being my teacher and friend as well.

Techangkhim K -Banking and accounting student

First LTES gave me a learning of my choice and then job of my choice. I am thankful and will always be.