Beyond Books

At LTES, curriculum of each training programme is designed in a unique pattern that enables the candidate to transform his/her over all personality. One does not acquire only bookish language but broadens the horizon by receiving professional training, personality enhancement and deeper understanding of life skills.

Special focus remains on strengthening the following parameters:

Skill development:
The first and foremost area of development is skill development. Our curriculum includes excerpts from various resources other than books to offer a complete understanding of the topic. This is also complemented with series of topic presentations, live sessions, and demos to give a more realistic overview of the topic. Regular assessment also takes place to ensure the student grasps the topic well.

Personality enhancement:
A special session on need and ways of personality development is organised regularly. Such sessions focus on various topics such as Decision making issues, anger, stress and anxiety problems, fears and phobias, need to maintain disciplined lifestyle, importance of maintaining health and hygiene.

Subject experts organises such sessions in form of open houses and discussion forums to ensure student participation.

Communication skills:
Spoken English and Hindi form an important part of our curriculum. Dedicated language experts devise unique methods and plan creative activities to help candidates speak, understand and write in the two most commonly used languages.

Confidence Building:
Importance of self worth is imparted to each student. By way of group discussions, student presentations, mock sessions and team building activities our subject experts endeavours to boost the confidence of each student.

Industry Exposure:
At LTES, teaching is not only restricted to class rooms and laboratories. We greatly focus on enhancing the experience rather than just increasing the knowledge. In view of this, are students are taken for industry visits, specials guest lecturers organized at the institute complimented with short trips to places with great educational value.